A wedding reception in a castle near Angers, look no further for the ideal address

A wedding reception in a castle near Angers is the most impressive and unforgettable solution for such an important day. It's also quite a responsibility to find the right venue. The answer: Château de la Perrière.

Domain for wedding at the castle near Angers : Château de la Perrière

Wedding or reception halls are easy to find. But how many, in the vicinity of Angers, can claim to have the level of sophistication and excellence of Château de la Perrière. This establishment specialized in receptions is part of La Maison Younan. This is a label that assures you that your establishment is an authentic French heritage castle, converted into a hotel or reception hall. This is essential when you want to organize a wedding reception in a castle in the Pays de la Loire. Come to Avrillé and discover the most beautiful wedding reception room in a castle near Angers.

Wedding domain in Maine et Loire, animations and emotions at the rendez-vous

Your wedding reception in this castle near Angers, it is first of all emotion, that of the ceremony for example. With a surface of 5000 m², and about ten rooms and salons, you will receive each of your guests in a luxurious and spacious setting. Choosing Le Château de la Perrière as your wedding domain in a castle near Angers, means having an experienced team to manage your organization. It is also to take advantage of a gastronomic restaurant, it is to create on the spot the atmosphere which makes you dream. But you can't invite 100, 200 or 300 people and even more with impunity. You have to be able to manage and entertain so many people. Le Château de la Perrière is still the solution. Organizing a wedding reception in a castle near Angers is the raison d'être of the establishment. This gives you access to many professionals to animate your receptions, from the simple wedding photography to the caricaturist, from the murder party to the wine tasting heart. The establishment does not forget to make your life easier either, with the provision of a parking lot, musical entertainment, outdoor terraces depending on the weather conditions and more.

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